Will McLean
Process diary

  • (CS)  Blend modes explained

    We all discovered them in the first week of university. In those days we used them like crazy people. There were a lot of neon vomit photo collages produced. These days I can use them with a little more restraint, however, I still don’t understand them.

  • (R)  Someone & someone. Master somethings.

    Legit tiling, budget camo that brings the heat and a desert hero for the ages.

  • (AA)  An ode to trees
    Hyde park giant trees

    Oh trees, Am I meant to draw every leaf? Or just draw a bulky circle round each clump of your leaves and use my pencil to mirror the texture of many leaves together? Please tell me, oh trees.

  • (AA)  Back to my old seat
    Harmony Park trees

    I had time for painting... then I didn't. Now I am back to my old seat in Harmony Park, Steadlier in hand and a head full of dreams.

  • (E)  Colour grid

    As I was writing my knowledge base articles on the fly (whilst in mid development, on the train and in the park) the fact that I had to go home, create an image and then publish was starting to annoy me.

  • (E)  Colour by word

    Programatically generating colours forces me to design a “process” rather than the result. This is something that could save me a shed load of time and effort in future projects.

  • (E)  Flocking

    Rule of thumb is to do one thing really well. You can always build on it once it is done if you end up with time. Don’t get frustrated, you must embrace these restrictions if you are working within the commercial world.

  • (E)  Colour by location

    Each project is defined by its location. Could we turn that location into a part of the brand? Could we generate a colour from that location and thereby create a colour scheme that is truely unique?

  • (CS)  Pollen pieces

    To get formal approval for something that is not directly related to a client is very tricky. It involves some convincing. However it is my responsibility to frame it correctly in order to highlight its benefits to the business.

  • (CS)  Pollen Press

    It is a response to what we were already designing. It is not like a framework picked off a shelf. It is representative of the design patterns we were already producing. It has actually led to a deeper understanding of our own design.

  • (AA)  Painting in front of the telly

    After about two brush strokes I saunter on downstairs looking for a cup of tea and a chat.

  • (AA)  Pros and cons of being a parent

    Your house smells like vomit.

  • (KB)  Using trigonometry to create a diagonal strikethough style with js

    I recently had to make a diagonal strikethrough style to use on single word throughout a site.

  • (CS)  Multiple States

    I had come out of some studios that didn't have an ethos aside from "do the fucking work or you're fired". It really affected the morale of everyone working there. So we wrote ours down in stone... digitally.

  • (KB)  Rename the default WordPress posts

    To rename the default WordPress posts put this into your functions.php file.

  • (AA)  Asymmetric Archaeology

    Asymmetric Archaeology brings together three contemporary artists whose practices incorporate elements of chaos and distortion when interpreting the urban landscape.

  • (KB)  Disable the archive label in the default WordPress title function

    I like to embrace the system with which we build our websites and display things like this with no alteration... But try getting a job with that attitude!!

  • (AA)  Did I drink that milk?…

    My eyes are bleeding. I rub away the blood. I must focus. I have a show. I must draw. I pick up my pencil... #artforever #ibleedforart #nobodyunderstandsmysacrifices

  • (KB)  Create a matching term in a taxonomy when publishing a custom post

    Recently I built a site that needed to have terms that matched the name of every custom post type 'brand'.

  • (CS)  Waverley College Campus Tour

    We had been chipping away at it amongst more pressing features. Slowly, but methodically and relentlessly. I think the best features have developed over time and not in a rush.

  • (AA)  A massive hand to match the pencil

    I began to wish I had a massive pencil to match the massive paper size... but then i'd need a massive hand to match the pencil and then a massive arm to match the hand

  • (KB)  How to disable the default WordPress categories

    You need to register the taxonomy ‘category’ again with no arguments. You can do this by adding the below snippet

  • (AA)  Marginal gains

    In a bid to make myself look more like a real-life artist I have decided to put sizes in the captions to my work.

  • (R)  Isola Del Giglio

    Fat white outlines on flat colour backgrounds, an innovation indicator, a black-eyed, dancing frog and a strange old magician.

  • (KB)  Create an archive page of all the media on your WordPress site.

    As I had partitioned all of my work into posts I wanted somewhere I could view the images only and then click through to the post with which the image was associated with if the image piqued my interest.

  • (AA)  When in doubt, scribble wildly

    Draw a limb before drawing the rest of the body, that way there is no way you will get the proportions right. That is the aim.

  • (KB)  Stop users adding terms to a taxonomy

    I used this to stop anyone adding terms to a taxonomy that we needed to be set to a set of specific terms. Once they were added to the databases across all environments the below was added to the functions file.

  • (KB)  “Disable” a WordPress post type archive page

    We will not actually disable the page. As far as I can tell these cannot be disabled (please do let me know if they can). We will redirect it to the home page. Good practice, no, good for the user, no, time saving, yes. Please! If anyone has any ideas that would make this nicer please share.

  • (KB)  A vanilla JS structure for hover states on more than one element

    If you want to do some crazy hover effects using javascript on multiple elements on a page then use this structure. This technique is useful if you want to use something from the mousemove event, like the mouse position.

  • (AA)  Persistence is paying dividends

    Scribbles, swirls and stripes are all things I was not really thinking about at the beginning. But those marks, combined with the greyscale are starting to give the drawings a bit of zing. They also make it look more toy. Important. Very important.