Will McLean is a designer and artist working in the Central Coast of NSW where he lives with his wife and 2 children.

Will is a meticulous developer and favours simplicity and clarity within his code. He can’t stand writing things twice so searches for any way to automate. His experiments can be found in the Exercises section of this site.

Will designs within systems. No project is too small for a design system. He favours the unusual, if not, how can he progress? You can read about his work in the Case Studies section of this site.

Updated: October 31, 2017

This is a Art Archive post.

A new job

I have a new job and unlike Multiple States, they don’t allow a full day of free play, personal development every Friday 🙄. Not surprising really, they are trying to make money. I’m a suit and this certainly spells the end of my painting. If I don’t do it on a Friday then it won’t get done. Trying to carve out some spare time outside working hours between my commitments as a father, husband and a 5th grade footy player is too hard. No more painting for a little while, however my new employer still offers me a full hour lunch break every day so I have decided to work then. However, a change in medium is probably necessary. I can’t set up in the park with full set of paints and an easel – I’ll get paint on my suit 👔. So I have gone with an A5 pad of paper and a 8B Staedtler Mars® Lumograph® pencil. It is blacker than black. ⬛️

I have found it very difficult to be happy with the results. They are all coming out a bit 1st year uni. But in some of them I am catching glimpses of something that may turn out to be half decent so I will persevere. A change is as good as a holiday, that’s what I always say.

Colour experiment, the last before the new job, by Will McLean

Colour experiment, the last before the new job

15 sheets mannequin by Will McLean

15 sheets mannequin

Hunt Street, Surry Hills by Will McLean

Hunt Street, Surry Hills

Trees in Harmony Park, Surry Hills by Will McLean

Trees in Harmony Park, Surry Hills

Surry Hills Police Station by Will McLean

Surry Hills Police Station

Lunch in Harmony Park, Surry Hills by Will McLean

Lunch in Harmony Park, Surry Hills

15 Sheets shirts by Will McLean

15 Sheets shirts

Our Ficus by Will McLean

Our Ficus

Rumah vase, Surry Hills by Will McLean

Rumah vase, Surry Hills

Hamish McLean by Will McLean

Hamish McLean

Mad graffiti by Will McLean

Mad graffiti