• (AA)  Marginal gains

    In a bid to make myself look more like a real-life artist I have decided to put sizes in the captions to my work.

  • (AA)  When in doubt, scribble wildly

    Draw a limb before drawing the rest of the body, that way there is no way you will get the proportions right. That is the aim.

  • (AA)  Persistence is paying dividends

    Scribbles, swirls and stripes are all things I was not really thinking about at the beginning. But those marks, combined with the greyscale are starting to give the drawings a bit of zing. They also make it look more toy. Important. Very important.

  • (AA)  The light

    I always pride myself on being pragmatic and not wallowing around in a dirty bath filled with self pity, but sometimes I find myself in that bath.

  • (AA)  All children can paint

    They never miss or let you miss the important things, like the scar on your forehead in a  family portrait. They know exactly when a drawing is finished and they are always happy with it.

  • (AA)  The darkness

    I need those likes. I'm a confidence player and I'm low on gas.... Ergghhhhhh. This is dark man. How can I carry on?

  • (AA)  A new job

    A change in medium is probably necessary. I can't set up in the park with full set of paints and an easel - I'll get paint on my suit.

  • (AA)  I might try a wall

    I drew a few more trees because someone made an off-hand comment about liking them.

  • (AA)  A new commission

    A painting doesn't have to be good for someone to take it, you just have to talk it up. It does help if it is free though.

  • (AA)  A new pad of paper

    I am painting the drawings I did earlier in the year. It is great because you aren't looking at a photo or real life, which means you aren't caught up in realism.

  • (AA)  A new set of paints

    Picasso's widely acclaimed blue period was not a conscious decision by a brilliant artist or a reflection of his state of mind after his friend's death — there was only blue paint left at Bunnings.

  • (AA)  Finally… A break…

    What am I going to do with all my spare time? I sure as hell won't be filling it with painting! I'll be happy if I never do another painting in all my life. I'm going to chuck out my paints right now.

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 12

    These are now taking much more time then I first intended. God damn I am looking forward to the end of the month.

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 11

    Faces are pretty good fun but they have a downside. The first thing anyone asks is "Who is it?"

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 10

    A good entry into painting for anyone who wants to have a crack seems to be shapes. People and scenes are where it gets a little hairy.

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 9

    Here is the trick. Forget the output and focus on the process. Don't go in with an idea of what the painting is going to look like and you will never be disappointed. This is a great way to maintain motivation and confidence.

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 8

    The process should give you the best chance of producing something half decent.

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 7

    I am still trying to unlearn the things I stole from that style school for myself. I am trying to unlearn clean lines, unlearn consistency, unlearn refinement and unlearn lines being in the spot you think they should be.

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 6

    It is an awful catch 22. The more you want to draw like a child the harder it becomes.

  • (AA)  Coloured Shapes, Mark 1
    Coloured shape by Will McLean

    Sometimes it if fun to put black in your shapes and then fill it with stars.

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 5

    I have run out of things to draw. I have had to start making things up, which is a whole new ball game. Takes a bit more energy than I really want to expend. Ughhhh.

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 4

    I drew out of a mix of guilt ("Oh, I really should do some drawings. I haven't done any in ages"), envy ("That person's drawings are so good, I wish I was that good") and boredom ("What should I do while I am watching this crap telly?").

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 3

    You can't possibly set aside 2 hours per day for your drawing. They need to be done in 5 minutes. And they are.

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 2

    If I can do 365 of these things then there is bound to be one or two that are half decent... Maybe i'll have an exhibition... but who the hell would I invite?

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 1

    I want to be a grown up. I want to produce grown-up drawings.

  • (AA)  Black Shapes, Mark 1
    Group by Will McLean

    The final product retains the slight texture of the card as well as the artefacts from the particular scanner I used. This makes them far more interesting than the vector versions.