Will McLean
Process diary

  • (CS)  Blend modes explained

    We all discovered them in the first week of university. In those days we used them like crazy people. There were a lot of neon vomit photo collages produced. These days I can use them with a little more restraint, however, I still don’t understand them.

  • (CS)  Pollen pieces

    To get formal approval for something that is not directly related to a client is very tricky. It involves some convincing. However it is my responsibility to frame it correctly in order to highlight its benefits to the business.

  • (CS)  Pollen Press

    It is a response to what we were already designing. It is not like a framework picked off a shelf. It is representative of the design patterns we were already producing. It has actually led to a deeper understanding of our own design.

  • (CS)  Multiple States

    I had come out of some studios that didn't have an ethos aside from "do the fucking work or you're fired". It really affected the morale of everyone working there. So we wrote ours down in stone... digitally.

  • (CS)  Waverley College Campus Tour

    We had been chipping away at it amongst more pressing features. Slowly, but methodically and relentlessly. I think the best features have developed over time and not in a rush.

  • (CS)  Futurity
    Mafia Tabak

    I tried not to think too much about it when I was doing it. I didn’t want negative thoughts to scare me off trying anything.

  • (CS)  MSXTOU

    There is something very satisfying and refreshing about the colours being selected by something out of our control – it often throws up some great pairings.

  • (CS)  We Are All Connected

    I work in one hour blocks and I never think about the final product or work on one sketch for longer than 10 minutes. This relieves the pressure to be perfect and leads to far more engaging ideas.

  • (CS)  Eelus 2.0

    The biggest mistake I personally feel people make is ramming too much “design” into a portfolio site. To me portfolio sites should be minimal in their layout and typographic treatment.

  • (CS)  Ore

    We looked at the designs and set a mathematical scale that defined the increases in size, line-height and margins on all typographic elements from captions to titles. This scale serves to create consistency and reduce development time.

  • (CS)  Brighton Photo Biennial 2016

    The challenge is relaxing the design rules enough to be able to accommodate future content, but not so much that the integrity of the design is compromised.

  • (CS)  Sophie Dundas

    Hundreds of photographs later, I finally had a photo of each dress at the exact point of falling that worked visually.

  • (CS)  Waverley College Nurrunga Newsletter

    We created a custom post type for the newsletter with a custom RSS feed. The custom RSS feed has the dynamic content and the custom html email newsletter code in it.

  • (CS)  7D8

    The aim was to reduce complexity, making it easier for anyone working on the site in the future.

  • (CS)  DPP

    The consultation on the designs early in the process really helps to make the development process efficient, requiring little back and forths after the initial build.

  • (CS)  Is The Level Dry?

    It has clarity of purpose. An answer and then three options to update. That is all it needs and all it has.

  • (CS)  New Town Films

    The site is not a selling tool, which is a nice change. This meant we could just focus on creating the most engaging archive of productions possible.

  • (CS)  Aimee Hirsch

    The result was a very fresh feeling identity that is still instantly recognisable to her old identity.

  • (CS)  Waverley College

    It was about wading through the huge swathes of information that need to go on the site, organising it and making it easy to add that and any new information to the site.

  • (CS)  Porgie’s

    The customers still needed to recognise Porgie’s as that brand they had become attached to, but also see that they were offering new services.

  • (CS)  Photoworks

    In my opinion - and after this experience particularly - a rebuild is always a redesign.

  • (CS)  Gregan Group

    Often it is easy to fall into the trap of over-decorating a design, but if you find the correct fonts and lay them out with space to breath the design always looks great.

  • (CS)  Dick King-Smith

    We wanted this adult audience to be reminded of the books they used to read when visiting the site.

  • (CS)  Charlotte Puxley Flowers

    We encouraged Charlotte to spend less on her site right now to get a better understanding of her digital needs before proceeding with a more expensive build, especially with the business in its initial transitionary phase.

  • (CS)  Brighton Photo Biennial 2014

    We had a great time taking the images on our phone and spinning around in circles.

  • (CS)  Dundas Communications

    It is easy to see that websites need regular refreshing and adjustments - there is no reason why it should be any different for the branding.