Will McLean
Process diary

  • (E)  Colour grid

    As I was writing my knowledge base articles on the fly (whilst in mid development, on the train and in the park) the fact that I had to go home, create an image and then publish was starting to annoy me.

  • (E)  Colour by word

    Programatically generating colours forces me to design a “process” rather than the result. This is something that could save me a shed load of time and effort in future projects.

  • (E)  Flocking

    Rule of thumb is to do one thing really well. You can always build on it once it is done if you end up with time. Don’t get frustrated, you must embrace these restrictions if you are working within the commercial world.

  • (E)  Colour by location

    Each project is defined by its location. Could we turn that location into a part of the brand? Could we generate a colour from that location and thereby create a colour scheme that is truely unique?

  • (E)  Variable Logo – Part 3

    You must create 3 closed shapes. Each shape must be a different colour. They must have 9, 7 and 5 points respectively. Each shape must completely surround the “M”, “p” and “a” respectively.

  • (E)  Variable Logo – Part 2

    Your line must be continuous and closed. You must use 5 points. Your sections must be straight. Your fill must be red or yellow. Your outline must be red or yellow but not the same as the fill. Your outline must be 2 point.

  • (E)  Variable Logo

    Your line must be continuous. You must use 7 points. Your sections must be straight. Your line must be red. Your line must be 2 point in width. One of your sections must cross through the “a” in “States”.