Will McLean is a designer and artist working in the Central Coast of NSW where he lives with his wife and 2 children.

Will is a meticulous developer and favours simplicity and clarity within his code. He can’t stand writing things twice so searches for any way to automate. His experiments can be found in the Exercises section of this site.

Will designs within systems. No project is too small for a design system. He favours the unusual, if not, how can he progress? You can read about his work in the Case Studies section of this site.

Updated: October 31, 2017

This is a Art Archive post.

Finally… A break…

Oh thank god!!! Finished another year. The relief is immense. It is like finishing school again. What am I going to do with all my spare time? I sure as hell won’t be filling it with painting! I’ll be happy if I never do another painting in all my life. I’m going to chuck out my paints right now.

I had an exhibition at the Multiple States studio with Kevin. We invited all our friends and family. We went to Sainsbury’s and bought a bunch of beers and wine and put them on a table in the middle of the studio. We got rid of all our desks and we put them in the games developers’ studio next door. I bought 32 Tesco’s A4 frames for the work and hung them in two long straight lines of 16. People told me they really liked the work, but they are all friends, so what else are they going to say. No art dealer came in and offered me a 10 year deal or a big commission. Maybe I just didn’t use social media enough in the lead up.

Self portrait by Will McLean

Self portrait

A painting of a drawing of a James Bond postcard by Willl McLean

A painting of a drawing of a James Bond postcard.

Colour experiment by Will McLean

Colour experiment

Colour experiment by Will McLean

Colour experiment

One half of the show 'Good Riddance' at the Multiple States studio.

32 pictures hung in 2 rows in the Multiple States studio, Brighton. One half of our show ‘Good Riddance’ to celebrate me moving to Australia.