Will McLean
Process diary

  • (AA)  The darkness

    I need those likes. I'm a confidence player and I'm low on gas.... Ergghhhhhh. This is dark man. How can I carry on?

  • (R)  Elite Removals
    Flower Saturday Market

  • (KB)  Writing an admin notice after saving a post in WordPress

    I recently had to write an alert to a user after the saving of an ACF options page. I did so by using the Wordpress admin_notices action.

  • (CS)  Futurity
    Mafia Tabak

    I tried not to think too much about it when I was doing it. I didn’t want negative thoughts to scare me off trying anything.

  • (R)  Adlay Artbay
    Cream, window display, Surry Hills

  • (AA)  A new job

    A change in medium is probably necessary. I can't set up in the park with full set of paints and an easel - I'll get paint on my suit.

  • (AA)  I might try a wall

    I drew a few more trees because someone made an off-hand comment about liking them.

  • (R)  Team Roo

  • (AA)  A new commission

    A painting doesn't have to be good for someone to take it, you just have to talk it up. It does help if it is free though.

  • (CS)  MSXTOU

    There is something very satisfying and refreshing about the colours being selected by something out of our control – it often throws up some great pairings.

  • (AA)  A new pad of paper

    I am painting the drawings I did earlier in the year. It is great because you aren't looking at a photo or real life, which means you aren't caught up in realism.

  • (A)  Track your downfall with a simple cashflow forecast.

    Better to prepare for the worst than to put jobs that are only pie in the sky. Wait till the contract is signed (if you have one…) and the schedule is in place before you start counting the money.

  • (A)  Set an hourly rate using maths!

    It is actually based on what you need to earn to survive and not just what your mate down the street is charging or what you blurted out in a panic whilst having a coffee with the client.

  • (A)  Receive money BEFORE you work

    Despite the promise of quick payment in exchange for bending our rules this has always led to the opposite — huge delays in the final payment.

  • (AA)  A new set of paints

    Picasso's widely acclaimed blue period was not a conscious decision by a brilliant artist or a reflection of his state of mind after his friend's death — there was only blue paint left at Bunnings.

  • (KB)  Getting Google Maps API’s to work with Advanced Custom Fields

    Google map embeds have recently become a massive pain in the butt. You need api keys to embed them, which is fine but the documentation is seriously disjointed and overly complicated.

  • (R)  Inside the box

  • (AA)  Finally… A break…

    What am I going to do with all my spare time? I sure as hell won't be filling it with painting! I'll be happy if I never do another painting in all my life. I'm going to chuck out my paints right now.

  • (CS)  We Are All Connected

    I work in one hour blocks and I never think about the final product or work on one sketch for longer than 10 minutes. This relieves the pressure to be perfect and leads to far more engaging ideas.

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 12

    These are now taking much more time then I first intended. God damn I am looking forward to the end of the month.

  • (CS)  Eelus 2.0

    The biggest mistake I personally feel people make is ramming too much “design” into a portfolio site. To me portfolio sites should be minimal in their layout and typographic treatment.

  • (CS)  Ore

    We looked at the designs and set a mathematical scale that defined the increases in size, line-height and margins on all typographic elements from captions to titles. This scale serves to create consistency and reduce development time.

  • (CS)  Brighton Photo Biennial 2016

    The challenge is relaxing the design rules enough to be able to accommodate future content, but not so much that the integrity of the design is compromised.

  • (KB)  Add a fade transition to Flickity

    This is a hack and it should be noted that if you want a fading slider then you should search for one that has this built in.

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 11

    Faces are pretty good fun but they have a downside. The first thing anyone asks is "Who is it?"

  • (E)  Variable Logo – Part 3

    You must create 3 closed shapes. Each shape must be a different colour. They must have 9, 7 and 5 points respectively. Each shape must completely surround the “M”, “p” and “a” respectively.

  • (CS)  Sophie Dundas

    Hundreds of photographs later, I finally had a photo of each dress at the exact point of falling that worked visually.

  • (R)  Fly tipping rats

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 10

    A good entry into painting for anyone who wants to have a crack seems to be shapes. People and scenes are where it gets a little hairy.

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 9

    Here is the trick. Forget the output and focus on the process. Don't go in with an idea of what the painting is going to look like and you will never be disappointed. This is a great way to maintain motivation and confidence.