Will McLean
Process diary

  • (E)  Variable Logo – Part 2

    Your line must be continuous and closed. You must use 5 points. Your sections must be straight. Your fill must be red or yellow. Your outline must be red or yellow but not the same as the fill. Your outline must be 2 point.

  • (CS)  Waverley College Nurrunga Newsletter

    We created a custom post type for the newsletter with a custom RSS feed. The custom RSS feed has the dynamic content and the custom html email newsletter code in it.

  • (R)  Relentissez, relentissez, relentissez

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 8

    The process should give you the best chance of producing something half decent.

  • (E)  Variable Logo

    Your line must be continuous. You must use 7 points. Your sections must be straight. Your line must be red. Your line must be 2 point in width. One of your sections must cross through the “a” in “States”.

  • (CS)  7D8

    The aim was to reduce complexity, making it easier for anyone working on the site in the future.

  • (CS)  DPP

    The consultation on the designs early in the process really helps to make the development process efficient, requiring little back and forths after the initial build.

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 7

    I am still trying to unlearn the things I stole from that style school for myself. I am trying to unlearn clean lines, unlearn consistency, unlearn refinement and unlearn lines being in the spot you think they should be.

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 6

    It is an awful catch 22. The more you want to draw like a child the harder it becomes.

  • (AA)  Coloured Shapes, Mark 1
    Coloured shape by Will McLean

    Sometimes it if fun to put black in your shapes and then fill it with stars.

  • (R)  Amber court

  • (KB)  Use Applescript to open a list of URL’s in Google Chrome
    Correctly setting a different number of posts per page on a WordPress archive page

    This Applescript can be used in Mac's Automator application to receive a list of urls and open them all in new tabs in Google Chrome.

  • (CS)  Is The Level Dry?

    It has clarity of purpose. An answer and then three options to update. That is all it needs and all it has.

  • (CS)  New Town Films

    The site is not a selling tool, which is a nice change. This meant we could just focus on creating the most engaging archive of productions possible.

  • (CS)  Aimee Hirsch

    The result was a very fresh feeling identity that is still instantly recognisable to her old identity.

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 5

    I have run out of things to draw. I have had to start making things up, which is a whole new ball game. Takes a bit more energy than I really want to expend. Ughhhh.

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 4

    I drew out of a mix of guilt ("Oh, I really should do some drawings. I haven't done any in ages"), envy ("That person's drawings are so good, I wish I was that good") and boredom ("What should I do while I am watching this crap telly?").

  • (KB)  Get the Featured Image URL in WordPress

    I looked for an elegant way to find the URL of a specific size of the Featured Image in Wordpress for a while. This is a nice way.

  • (KB)  Setting up .htaccess URL Redirects in WordPress

    The correct way to setup redirects within the Wordpress .htaccess file is to put your redirects above the Wordpress pretty permalinks code.

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 3

    You can't possibly set aside 2 hours per day for your drawing. They need to be done in 5 minutes. And they are.

  • (KB)  Scheduling a category change, based on an Advanced Custom Field value, when a post is saved using a WordPress CRON job

    In a nutshell we needed to change an individual post's category on a given date (via an ACF field) sometime in the future.

  • (KB)  Open a list of URL’s in Google Chrome using Mac Automator

    This is a relatively simple task but important for us to begin automating some of the more dreary tasks we have to complete in the studio.

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 2

    If I can do 365 of these things then there is bound to be one or two that are half decent... Maybe i'll have an exhibition... but who the hell would I invite?

  • (AA)  Drawing per day – Month 1

    I want to be a grown up. I want to produce grown-up drawings.

  • (KB)  A comprehensive argument list for WP Query


  • (R)  Safe crash

  • (CS)  Waverley College

    It was about wading through the huge swathes of information that need to go on the site, organising it and making it easy to add that and any new information to the site.

  • (CS)  Porgie’s

    The customers still needed to recognise Porgie’s as that brand they had become attached to, but also see that they were offering new services.

  • (R)  D piu

  • (KB)  A list of the default settings for flexslider

    The documentation does not have all of these listed (as far as I can tell) but here they are pulled straight from the code.